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A Little Bit About Who we Are

John T. Nash, D.C

Dr. John T. Nash received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1964 form Palmer College of Chiropractic. Although no longer practicing, Dr. John T. Nash has brought his 35 years of knowledge and experience into the existing practice. The experience he brought into Nash Chiropractic Healthcare included a variety of Chiropractic techniques consisting of Applied Kinesiology, Activator Flexion Distraction, Sacral Occipital, and the Palmer Technique. Dr. John Nash had focused on nutritional therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic care throughout his entire career. Today, Dr. John Nash enjoys playing golf and spending free time with his grandchildren.

Trevor P Nash, D.C.

Dr. Trevor P. Nash received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College West in 1997, and his Bachelor's from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992. Dr. Trevor Nash is third generation Chiropractor, and has been an associate with his father and colleague practicing simillar techniques. Dr. Trevor Nash is a Team Chiropractor for the Olympic-Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, focusing on musculo-skeletal disorders with competing athletes. Dr. Trevor Nash enjoys spending his free time participating in outdoor activities.




A Family Tradition

Nash Chiropractic has been an Erie tradition for over 50 years with three generations of Chiropractors, focusing on the biomechanics of the spine, along with nutritional therapy, to improve on your quality of health.