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Techniques Just Right for You.

Chiropractic Massage
"Our interest...Your comfort, good health and continued wellness."

Nash Chiropractic utilizes several different methods and techniques to ensure you get the best possible chiropractic care. By using the different techniques offered we can find more than one way to relieve you of your symptoms and get you back on the road to maintaining a healthy more comfortable lifestyle.

Diversified Technique 

This is standard osseous (bony) adjusting of the full spine. There are some 58 "set-ups" for correction of the spine (called Spinal Manipulation), and some 140 for correction of extremities (called Extra-Spinal Manipulation), such as used for knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder and wrist. 

Applied Kinesiology:

Applied Kinesiology deals not only with the placement of bones, but with the muscles that hold them in position. Chiropractors employing applied kinesiology use special techniques to help balance opposing muscles attached to a misaligned bone. Light massage is given to various reflexes and sometimes to acupressure points. This restores normal muscle function, in order to allow the adjustments to be more effective.

Myofascial Technique

An advancement of the original work in Trigger Points, where the technique is extended so that spinal and other Trigger Points on the body are located while the patient is led through a range of motion, rather than while static.


Chiropractic Techniques

The Chiropractic profession is unique in its approach to treating health problems. While medicine has one major approach in treating a health problem, Chiropractic has many different approaches in treating the same problem.

There are many different chiropractic techniques widely used today and Nash Chiropractic offers several. Together we will find one that best suites your needs.